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Understanding the American Education System 2018-2020

the american training system gives a wealthy discipline of selections for worldwide college students. there’s such an array of colleges, packages and places that the alternatives may additionally overwhelm college students, even the ones from the U.S. As you start your college search, it’s critical up-to-date familiarize yourselfupdated with the yank education system. understanding the device will assist you narrow your selections and broaden your schooling plan.

the academic shape
primary AND SECONDARY college
up to dateprior upupdated higher training, American students attend number one and secondary faculty for a mixed up to datetalupdated of 12 years. those years are up-to-date the primary thru 12th grades.

round age six, U.S. youngsters start number one college, that is maximum usually known asupdated “standard faculty.” They attend five or six years and then cross onup to date secondary faculty.

Secondary faculty consists of two programs: the first is “center school” or “junior high school” and the second one application is “high school.” A degree or certificates is presented upon graduation from excessive school. After graduating excessive college (twelfth grade), U.S. students may match on to university or university. college or university look at is known asupdated “higher training.”

GRADING system
up-to-date American college students, you’ll up-to-date publish your educational transcripts as part of your software for admission up to date college or university. academic transcripts are legitimate copies of your instructional work. inside the U.S. this consists of your “grades” and “grade up-to-date average” (GPA), which are measurements of your academic success. guides are commonly graded using percentages, which can be transformed inupdated letter grades.

The grading device and GPA within the U.S. can be confusing, especially for worldwide students. the translation of grades has plenty of variation. for example, college students who attended exceptional faculties both submit their transcripts updated the identical university. They each have 3.5 GPAs, but one scholar attended a mean excessive school, while the other attended a prestigious college that turned inupupdated academically up-to-date. The university might interpret their GPAs differently because the two faculties have dramatically exclusive standards.

therefore, there are some essential things up-to-date keep in mind:

You ought upupdated discover the U.S. equal of the remaining stage of schooling you finished in your private home country.
Pay close interest updated the admission requirements of each college and university, up to date individual degree applications, which may additionally have unique necessities than the university.
frequently meet with an educational consultant or guidance counselor updated make certain you are meeting the necessities.
Your instructional advisor or steering counselor might be able upupdated suggest you on whether or now not you up to date spend an additional yr or two making ready for U.S. university admission. If an international student entered a U.S. college or university up to date being eligible up to dateupdated university in their own u . s . a ., a few international locations’ governments and employers won’t apprehend the scholars’ U.S. training.

instructional 12 months
The school calendar generally starts in August or September and keeps via may or June. most of the people of new college students start in autumn, so it is a good concept for global college students up to date also begin their U.S. university studies at this time. There is a lot of exhilaration at the beginning of the faculty yr and college students form many first rate friendships throughout this time, as they may be all adjusting up to date a new phase of instructional life. additionally, many guides are designed for college kids updated take them in sequence, starting in autumn and continuing thru the 12 months.

the educational year at many faculties consists of terms up to date as “semesters.” (a few colleges use a three-time period calendar up-to-date the “trimester” system.) nevertheless, others in addition divide the yr inup to date the region system of 4 phrases, up-to-date an non-obligaupupdated summer time consultation. basically, if you exclude the summer season session, the instructional year is both comprised of two semesters or 3 region terms.

THE U.S. higher schooling device: ranges OF observe
First stage: Undergraduate
“the yank device is a lot greater open. In Hong Kong you just learn what the up to date writes at the board. In the united states, you speak the troubles and consciousness greater on ideas.”

Paolo Kwan from Hong Kong: studying English and business administration at Sierra university in California

A pupil who’s attending a university or college and has now not earned a bachelor’s degree, is analyzing at the undergraduate level. It normally takes approximately 4 years updated earn a bachelor’s diploma. you can both start your studies in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree at a network college or a 4-year university or college.

Your first years of study you’ll normally be required updated take a extensive kind of lessons in one of a kind subjects, usually called prerequisite publications: literature, science, the social sciences, the humanities, up to datehisupupdated, and so forth. this is so that you acquire a trendy understanding, a foundation, of a selection of upupdated up to dateupdated that specialize in a particular discipline of study.

Many college students pick out updated have a look at at a community university in order up-to-date the primary two years of prerequisite guides. they’ll earn an companion of Arts (AA) transfer diploma after which switch updated a four-yr college or university.

A “most important” is the specific discipline of study wherein your diploma is centered. for example, if someone’s principal is journalism, they will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. you will be required updated take a certain range of guides on this field up to date meet the diploma necessities of your major. You up-to-date pick out your fundamental at the start of your 1/3 yr of school.

a veryupdated particular feature of the american better training device is that you could exchange your important multiple instances if you choose. it is extremely commonplace for American students upupdated majors at some point of their undergraduate research. often, college students find out a distinctive field that they excel in or enjoy. the yankee education system could be very flexible. keep in mind although that switching majors may additionally bring about extra courses, which means that more money and time.

2d stage: Graduate in Pursuit of a grasp’s diploma
presently, a college or university graduate with a bachelor’s diploma might also want up-to-date consider graduate look at up-to-date enter sure professions or increase their profession. This diploma is typically up-to-date for better-degree positions in library technological know-how, engineering, behavioral health and education.

furthermore, global students from a few international locations are best accredited updated observe overseas at a graduate degree. You ought upupdated inquire about the credentials up-to-date get a job for your united states earlier than you apply updated a postgraduate university in the u.s.a..

A graduate software is usually a department of a university or college. To benefit admission, you may want up to date take the GRE (graduate file exam). certain grasp’s packages require specific assessments, up to date the LSAT for law school, the GRE or GMAT for commercial enterprise college, and the MCAT for clinical college.

Graduate programs in pursuit of a grasp’s degree commonly take one up-to-date years up-to-date. as an example, the MBA (master of commercial enterprise management) is an incredibly famous diploma application that takes approximately two years. other master’s applications, which includes journalism, only take one year.

the general public of a master’s software is spent in lecture room examine and a graduate student up-to-date prepare a long studies paper known asupdated a “grasp’s thesis” or whole a “master’s venture.”

1/3 level: Graduate in Pursuit of a Docup to daterate diploma
Many graduate schools recollect the attainment of a grasp’s degree the first step up-to-date incomes a PhD (docupdatedrate). however at different schools, college students might also up-to-date immediately for a docup to daterate with out additionally earning a master’s degree. up-to-date take three years or greater up-to-date earn a PhD degree. For international students, it is able upupdated take as long as five or six years.

For the first two years of this system maximum docupdatedral applicants enroll in training and seminars. at least some other yr is spent conducting firsthand studies and writing a thesis or dissertation. This paper up to date include views, designs, or studies which have not been formerly published.

A docupdatedral dissertation is a dialogue and precis of the modern-day scholarship on a given up-to-date. maximum U.S. universities awarding docup to daterates also require their candidates updated have a analyzing knowledge of foreign languages, up to date spend a required duration of time “in residence,” up-to-date pass a qualifying exam that officially admits candidates up to date the PhD software, and updated skip an oral examination on the same up to datepicupdated as the dissertation.

traits OF THE U.S. higher schooling gadget
school room environment

classes variety from large lectures with several hundred students up-to-date smaller training and seminars (dialogue classes) with only a few students. the yank college study room ecosystem is very dynamic. you’ll be predicted up to date proportion your opinion, argue your up-to-date, participate in elegance discussions and supply displays. global students discover this one of the maximum sudden aspectsupdated of the yankee training device.

every week professors usually assign textbook and different readings. you’ll be predicted up-to-date keep 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa with the specified readings and homework so you can participate in elegance discussions and recognize the lectures. certain diploma programs also require college students up-to-date spend time within the laboraup to datery.

Professors trouble grades for every scholar enrolled in the route. Grades are typically up to date upon:

every professor can have a unique set of class participation requirements, but college students are predicted up-to-date in class discussions, especially in seminar training. This is mostly a very important issueupdated in figuring out a student’s grade.
A midterm exam is typically given in the course of elegance time.
One or greater studies or time period papers, or laboraupdatedry reports up to date be submitted for assessment.
viable quick assessments or quizzes are given. occasionally professors will provide an unannounced “pop quiz.” This doesn’t count number closely up-to-date the grade, however is meant up-to-date inspire students up-to-date preserve up with their assignments and attendance.
A final exam might be held after the final magnificence assembly.


every path is well worth a sure wide variety of credit or credit hours. This range is more or less the same as the wide variety of hours a student spends in class for that direction every week. A course is generally really worth three up-to-date 5 credits.

A complete-time software at maximum schools is 12 or 15 credit hours (four or five courses in keeping with term) and a positive range of credits up-to-date be fulfilled up-to-date graduate. international students are anticipated up to dateupdated a full-time program in the course of every time period.


If a scholar enrolls at a new university before completing a degree, normally maximum credits earned at the first school may be used up-to-date a diploma at the brand new university. this indicates a pupil can transfer up to date another college and nonetheless graduate within an affordable time.

kinds of U.S. higher training
“i love that schedules are flexible, lessons are fun, and the type of sports up-to-date participate in.”

Xujie Zhao from China: analyzing up to date Networking at Wentworth Institute of generation in Bosup to daten

1. kingdom college OR college
A nation college is supported and run via a state or neighborhood authorities. each of the 50 U.S. states operates at the least one country college and probably numerous nation colleges. a lot of these public universities colleges have the name of the kingdom, or the actual phrase “kingdom” of their names: for instance, Washingupdatedn kingdom university and the college of Michigan.

2. personal university OR university
these colleges are privately run as opposed upupdated being run by a branch of the authorities. lessons will generally be higher than kingdom colleges. frequently, private U.S. universities and colleges are smaller in size than kingdom schools.

Religiously affiliated universities and schools are non-public colleges. nearly a lot of these colleges welcome students of all religions and beliefs. yet, there are a percentage of colleges that up-to-date admit college students who hold similar spiritual ideals as those in which the faculty up to date founded.

3. community college
community schools are two-year colleges that award an associate’s ranges (transferable), in addition upupdated certifications. there are many varieties of associate degrees, but the most important distinguishing up-to-date is whether or not or now not the degree is transferable. commonly, there can be primary degree tracks: one for educational transfer and the opposite prepares students upupdated the personnel straightaway. college transfer stages are commonly accomplice of arts or accomplice of technological know-how. now not in all likelihood updated be transferrable are the accomplice of implemented technological know-how stages and certificates crowning glory.

network university graduates most normally switch up-to-date four-yr schools or universities up to date finish their diploma. due upupdated up to dateupdated switch the credit they earned whilst attending network college, up to dateupdated entire their bachelor’s degree software in two or greater extra years. Many additionally provide ESL or intensive English language applications, if you want upupdated prepare students for university-degree guides.

in case you do no longer plan updated earn a better diploma than the companion’s, you up to date discover if an associate’s degree will qualify you for a activity in your private home u . s ..

four. INSTITUTE OF generation
An institute of era is a college that offers at least four years of take a look at in science and era. a few have graduate applications, at the same time as others offer brief-term courses.

Top 50 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in the World

op semiconductor production groups in the global. A semiconductor organisation can manufacture silicon wafer or it is able to be a fables semiconductor enterprise. here is a list of pinnacle 50 Semiconductor manufacturing businesses in the international.

Semiconductors have end up part of electronics and our lifestyles. All modern day electronic gadgets together with radio, computer systems, phones and so on have semiconductor in a few form or the alternative.

what’s a Semiconductor?

A Semiconductor may be defined as a fabric that has the traits and potential to behavior a small amount of electrical modern in a managed manner. Semiconductors have a great deal lower resistance to the float of electrical present day in one path than in another. Diodes, transistors, and plenty of photovoltaic cells incorporate semiconductive fabric. the electric conductivity of a semiconductor may be controlled over a extensive variety, either permanently or dynamically.

substances used to fabricate Semiconductors

There are several substances which are used to make a semiconductor. The simple requirement of a semiconductor is that it have to no longer be a superb conductor of energy, nor ought to it’s a completely terrible conductor of electricity. It’s properties may be changed with the aid of including or eliminating atoms. Silicon is the maximum widely used semiconductor cloth. Few different substances utilized in making semiconductor are germanium, gallium arsenide, and silicon carbide.

pinnacle Semiconductor manufacturing corporations within the world


here is listing of top 50 semiconductor manufacturers within the international. This listing consists of silicon wafer producers, fabless semiconductor groups and groups that manufacture the whole thing related to semiconductors.

AMI Semiconductor: producers of semiconductor and included circuit gadgets.
advanced Semiconductor Engineering: The ASE institution is the world’s biggest provider of unbiased semiconductor manufacturing services in meeting and test.
Analog devices: high overall performance sign processing answers.
Atmel: layout and manufacture advanced semiconductors.
Avago technology: manufacturers and suppliers of semiconductors analog, combined-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems.
Cosmic Circuits: issuer of differentiated Analog and mixed-signal silicon IP for integration on to system-on-Chips.
Crocus technology: producers of Magnetic Random get entry to reminiscence (“MRAM”) products and technology for the semiconductor and digital systems industries.
Dynex Semiconductor: manufacturer of energy semiconductors, IGBTs, SCRs, GTO Thyristors, fast recovery and rectifier diodes, SCR/Diode modules, energy assemblies, noticed filters and SOS ICs.
Elpida memory: main manufacturer of dynamic random get entry to memory (DRAM), RDRAM(R), SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, cell RAM and patron SDRAM.
Fairchild Semiconductor: global provider of high overall performance semiconductor merchandise for electronics industry.
Freescale Semiconductor: manufacturer of microcontrollers, microprocessors and semiconductors.
Fujitsu: manufacturer and provider of consumer-targeted IT and communications answers.
Hynix (previously Hyundai Electronics): reminiscence semiconductor provider of dynamic random access memory (‘DRAM’) chips and flash memory chips.
IBM: IBM manufactures and sells laptop hardware and software program.
IM Flash technologies: IM Flash technology is a joint challenge of Micron technology and Intel. providers of superior semiconductor solutions and NAND flash merchandise.
Infineon technology: manufacturer of reminiscence, MOSFET, strength, microcontrollers, communications, and client merchandise.
Inotera: offers commodity DRAM foundry services on 300mm silicon wafers.
Intel agency: the arena chief in silicon innovation develops processor technologies and supports global tasks.
global Rectifier: manufacturer of power semiconductors (MOSFET, IBGT, diodes and Thyristors).
IPtronics: Fabless semiconductor business enterprise imparting subsequent era incorporated circuits for parallel optical Interconnects.
Jennic restrained: marketplace chief in ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, IEEE802.15.4 wi-fi microcontrollers, modules and assessment kits.
Luxtera: Silicon photonics, CMOS photonics.
substances research business enterprise (Praxair): worldwide producer and provider of pretty specialized semiconductor materials and gadget.
Maxim integrated merchandise: Analog and mixed sign ICs in 28 categories.
Microchip generation: Microcontroller and analog semiconductors.
Micron era: offers DRAM components, modules, and NAND flash reminiscence.
national Semiconductor: producer and supplier of analog and mixed-sign technology for structures on a chip.
NEC: providers of internet, broadband community and corporation business solutions.
Nemotek Technologie: Manufactures custom designed wafer level cameras (WLC) for transportable applications which includes cellular telephones and pc computers.
Numonyx: A semiconductor company making flash reminiscences.
Nuvoton: gives purchaser IC design, and foundry carrier.
NXP Semiconductors: semiconductors, machine answers and software program.
ON Semiconductor: elements a large portfolio of semiconductors and integrated circuit devices.
Oramir (now applied substances): advanced generation for cleaning silicon wafers
Panasonic enterprise: Electronics manufacturing.
Qimonda: memory / DRAM
studying Works (Now Closed): producer of included circuit and optoelectronic device for communication and computing.
Renesas era: Semiconductor, microcomputers, logic and analog devices, discrete devices and memory merchandise.
Samsung Electronics: Semiconductors inclusive of DRAM, flash, SRAM, images memory, MCP, mask ROM, system LSI, TFT liquid crystal display modules and many others.
Sanyo: Semiconductors including discrete gadgets, flash memory and ICs.
Seiko: Semiconductor CMOS IC, power management ICs, EEPROMs, sensors and real-time clocks.
SensorDynamics: Micro- and wireless semiconductor sensor.
Sharp corporation: some of the international top 20 semiconductor income leaders
Sitronics: gives telecommunications answers, facts technology, device integration and consulting, and the improvement and manufacture of microelectronics products.
Sony: Sony semiconductor
STMicroelectronics: offers gadget-on-Chip (SoC) and semiconductor answers.
Texas instruments: designer and provider of digital signal processors, discrete and integrated circuits, calculators, and digital mild processing (DLP).
Toshiba: producer and dealer of semiconductor, reminiscence storages tool, popular-cause good judgment IC, transistors, diode, optical semiconductor device, sensor, radio-frequency tool, microcomputer, ASIC, ASSP, widespread-reason linear IC, electricity deliver IC, transistor array, motor motive force, operational amplifier IC, comparator IC, Op Amp.
TriQuint Semiconductor: high-performance RF additives for wi-fi communique.
Winbond: Semiconductor memory answers.
criteria adapted to pick the high-quality Semiconductor groups

A semiconductor enterprise can both manufacture silicon wafers or it could be a fabless semiconductor corporation that layout chips synthetic through some other businesses. There are numerous semiconductor manufacturing organizations inside the world. The above listing highlights only the top and the first-class of such organizations primarily based on production, quality and market demand and sales

op 10 Consumer Electronics Companies in the World

consumer electronics has end up part of our normal lifestyles. Electronics merchandise and devices in the organization of consumer electronics encompass all such electronic equipments that we use in our normal existence – entertainment, communication and different domestic and office electronic equipments and gadgets. personal computers, laptops , television, phones, cell cell telephones, MP3 gamers, MP4 players, audio system, calculators, GPS navigation structures, cameras, DVDs, VHSs, camcorders.

patron electronics products, equipments and gadgets are synthetic all around the global. Japan and South Korea are the arena leaders while it comes to research and improvement as well as manufacturing and export or consumer electronics products.

maximum of the customer electronics merchandise today have become extra and smaller, slimmer and smarter. All this is possible because new and extra advanced generation is getting used to manufacture those equipments. The brand new trend in production purchaser electronics merchandise is the use of surface Mount era and RoHS Lead-unfastened.

patron Electronics ShowConsumer Electronics
The consumer electronics show is among the top patron electronics display and exhibition. purchaser electronics organizations from round the world take part in this show and showcase their trendy studies, merchandise and know-how. The international CES is the arena’s largest patron era tradeshow. It functions 2,seven hundred exhibitors, together with agencies who manufacture merchandise or provide offerings for the audio, digital imaging, home theater, wi-fi, content and gaming markets.

client Electronics association – CEA
The consumer Electronics affiliation (CEA), is an association of purchaser digital organizations from around the world. This affiliation facilitates client electronics producers to share and change understanding and records on present day rising technologies and enterprise news, developments, marketplace forecasts and emerging technology.

top 10 consumer Electronics corporations
the global purchaser electronics industry is ruled by using jap and South Korean companies. The top 10 client electronics groups are:


Computer Companies – Top 10 Computer Manufacturing Companies in The World

computer systems and laptops/notebooks have ended up part of our existence. lifestyles without a laptop is subsequent to impossible in this age of fast growing global of electronics and era.

as the call for computers grew, increasingly more agencies stepped inside the commercial enterprise to fabricate computers and computer hardware and software. some of these businesses manufacture all laptop components and promote under their own brand, at the same time as others manufacture only some of the hardware and few others develop most effective software. laptop organizations like Intel and AMD manufacture laptop processor and different excessive-stop hardware. corporations like Microsoft and Google produce the handiest computer software program with a few exceptions. a few organizations even manufacture pc hardware parts on agreement foundation for OEM organizations.

this text will function as the top 10 computer manufacturing organizations inside the international. these agencies are selected based on their worldwide marketplace percentage.

computer companies
pc organizations

top 10 laptop producers
HP: HP (Hewlett-Packard) is a main American multinational laptop device producer inside the world. They manufacturer printers, laptops, computers, servers, storage devices, networking, software, organization answers, and plenty extra.
Acer: Acer ranks many of the globe’s top 5 branded laptop carriers. This Taiwan-based totally multinational computer era and electronics corporation that manufactures desktop and pc desktops, private virtual assistants (PDAs), servers, storage gadgets, shows, smartphones and peripherals and hardware.
Dell: Dell is an American multinational information generation agency. Thic company gives era answers, services and assistance. Dell producers Laptops, Netbooks, pill pcs, computer systems, video display units, Servers, storage, and different laptop-relater hardware.
Lenovo: Lenovo is a Chinese language-based multinational laptop generation agency. This organization manufacturers desktops, pocketbook, non-public computer systems, workstations, servers, garage drives, IT control software, and laptop-associated services and products.
Toshiba: Toshiba is a Japanese multinational organization. Toshiba is a manufacturer and providers of all types of electrical products which includes laptops, notebooks, computer computing device and different laptop related services and products.
IBM: global enterprise Machines (IBM) is a united state of America based multinational technology and consulting agency. IBM manufactures and sells laptop hardware and software, infrastructure, web hosting and consulting offerings.
Fujitsu: Fujitsu is a jap multinational computer hardware and IT services corporation. Fujitsu is a leading company of IT services and products which includes hardware, software program, networking, business answers, and extra.
NEC: NEC is a Japanese multinational IT business enterprise. The enterprise offers information technology (IT) and community answers. NEC organization is one of the globe’s leading companies of the internet, broadband community and organization enterprise answers.
Apple: Apple Inc is an American multinational agency. The organization’s primary focus is on layout and marketing of client electronics, computer software program, and private computer systems. quality recognized products of Apple encompass iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and laptop computer systems, the OS X running machine, and the modern iPhone and iPad.
Gateway computers: Gateway integrated is a subsidiary corporation of Acer Inc. The organization manufactures and markets laptop hardware, private computer systems, computer video display units, servers, and pc add-ons.

It’s Okay if a Large Wedding is a Legitimate Priority

however, as always, keep your values in mind. perhaps your wedding ceremony may be one of the rare instances your circle of relatives can get collectively, and a larger guest list is worth it to you. make sure you and your companion are on the identical page about this – and in case you are, then that’s exceptional!

It’s k to prioritize your wedding ceremony over those 5-12 months goals, as long as you’re certainly spending in keeping with your values.

in any case, now not all and sundry goals of settling down, buying a residence, and having children right now after they get married. maybe those things aren’t to your 5-12 months intention listing. journey or career development may be on there as a substitute. Hone in on what’s essential to you regardless of what others assume you ought to do.

This workout is really intended to put things into attitude. Weddings are a large event, and we generally tend to overemphasize them whilst we’re inside the middle of planning and speakme approximately it with all of us. It need to help you cognizance on the bigger photo so that you can determine what you want to spend on your wedding.

Discuss Your Five-Year Goals 2018

take a seat down with your partner and have a critical conversation with them about how you every see the following 5 years of your existence together. What are your dreams, each personally and as a couple? How a great deal will every of those desires price you?

Don’t just throw a range of obtainable, both. Take this making plans consultation as severely as you would if you went to an actual financial consultant (which you could do if you need extra guidance).

listing out all of your desires, how plenty time you think every will take to perform (or when you’d like to accomplish them), and a close estimate of how an awful lot each will value you. Do you want to make a downpayment on a domestic? Do you need to repay your scholar loans? Do you need to tour the world over for a month?

add the charges up and permit that wide variety sink in.

next, take a look at your wedding price range and your estimated charges. compare the 2. would your wedding fee as lots, if not more, than your five-year dreams? if so, it might be time to re-evaluate your priorities.

as an instance, in case your wedding price range is $25,000 and your five-12 months goals will take $30,000 to fund, realise that spending a little much less to your wedding will give you extra flexibility for those 5-yr principal lifestyles goals.

Self-Inflicted Pressure

perhaps you’re no longer feeling any external stress. perhaps you’re definitely worried approximately “getting it wrong.” Weddings need to theoretically simplest appear as soon as, and there’s an awesome amount of making plans that goes into an occasion that takes vicinity for only a few of hours. You want to do everything you can to make it without a doubt perfect, right all the way down to your centerpieces, pix, and flowers.

in spite of everything, it’s a as soon as-in-a-lifetime event, and for many women, it’s an event they’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s clean to justify spending on that basis alone but step outside the wedding field for a 2nd. Your excessive faculty promenade, college graduation, baptism, and many others. had been also once-in-a-lifetime occasions. You don’t see many human beings spending over $5,000 on those, do you?

positive, weddings can be special because they represent beginning a new chapter of your life with someone else, however why does that ought to translate into a $500+ cake, a $1,000+ get dressed, or a $3,000 honeymoon?

Media Portrayals of Lavish Weddings failed

The final societal stress couples may experience, unsurprisingly, is because of unrealistic media portrayals of weddings. remember when Prince William and Kate Middleton were given married? Their guest listing become suggested to be around 1,900, and they held (actually) a fairytale royal wedding.
What approximately the Kardashian wedding ceremony? notorious for doing everything “huge,” it’s no marvel that “Kimye” pulled out all the stops for their day. they had a rehearsal dinner and bachelorette birthday celebration in Paris and were given married tomorrow in Florence, Italy. The bride, groom, and daughter had been donned in Givenchy, and the entirety was photo best.
even as these weddings are manifestly grossly unrealistic for ninety nine% of couples accessible, it doesn’t forestall a few from seeking to mirror pieces of it. given that adolescence, most women are fed pictures just like the above, and as with any shape of media or advertising, it can be difficult to locate your values inside the midst of all of the noise.

How Much Should You Spend on Your Wedding?

The common price of a wedding in 2015 become $32,641, in line with CNN.

That range accelerated or decreased depending on in which the marriage took place. for instance, getting hitched in long island cost approximately $82,300, while getting married in Alaska fee $17,000.

Take a 2nd and consider what you may do with $32,000.

that could be the 20% down price on a residence you want to begin married existence off with. you can have a hefty emergency fund and money leftover to position in the direction of retirement. Or you can ship a portion of it to each of your savings desires.

rather, many couples are deciding on to spend it multi function lump – on one single day.

That begs the query, how a lot do you want to spend in your wedding day? And why do so many humans sense the want to spend this quantity?

01 Societal Pressures around Getting Married
wedding ceremony celebration searching at wedding ceremony dress
JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty pictures
Of course, it’s easy to mention that $32,000 or $82,000 or even $15,000 is too much to spend on someday. however that oversimplifies a complicated trouble underlying the motive couples spend that money within the first area.

relying to your family and your values, you could see your wedding as a chance to collect everybody collectively as a type of reunion, particularly if humans have moved away or come to be busier. It’s absolutely viable to see only positive circle of relatives contributors at weddings, and that can be the best chance they need to catch up with everyone.

alas, as every body planning a marriage is aware of, the bigger your guest list, the extra steeply-priced your wedding ceremony becomes. To some couples, the fee tag is worth it if it way attending to see their cherished ones.

It’s also common to experience pressured to have a stunning, lavish wedding ceremony if your friends are, too. people have a addiction of evaluating weddings whilst there’s a string of them occurring, and the remaining thing you want is your wedding ceremony to be seen as the “least famous” or least amusing.

What Does My Current Spending Say About Me?

If you have not been monitoring your money but, one of the best ways to view your modern spending is by using taking an inventory of your possessions. right here are some things to remember:

garments – what number of shirts, pants, attire, and footwear are piled up to your closet? Do you have got a huge collection of outfits? How often do you wear most of these garments?

try and tally the cost of the whole lot for your closet mentally. How a whole lot did all of it cost? How a lot do you believe you studied you have spent on garments and footwear over the past few years?

your property or apartment – How lots of your overall pay does your home or condominium fee you? it’s clean to make a difficult estimate of this. if your rent is $800 in step with month, and also you deliver domestic $2,400 in step with month after taxes, you are spending one-third of every paycheck on lease.

Is having a pleasing home worth one-third of your operating hours? Does that align along with your values? If the solution is yes, it really is exceptional.

however if your answer is not any, try looking for a cheaper area to stay. Renting an rental it is $600 instead of $800 method which you’re best devoting one-fourth of your paycheck to your home, as opposed to one-1/3 of it. that is like giving your self an 8 percent boost.

Calculating the amount of your paycheck which you spend on housing is a touch harder while you own your home because there are plenty of “incidental” fees you need to take into account. On top of the loan, you’re additionally buying coverage, belongings taxes, maintenance, protection, equipment, and offerings. Use a budget worksheet to look how plenty of each 8-hour workday you devote toward preserving your property.

True Story: How One College Student Budgets

The story of how a 20-year-old pays her bills

Lexi is a university scholar. She’s residing on her very own, outside of her mother’s residence, for the primary time in her lifestyles. She’s budgeting and mastering how to pay her very own payments.

She would not have any particular marketable skills. She also does not have a steady supply of income. Her most effective process is performing at events. Lexi has a incredible voice, and she or he’s on-name with a talent organization to sing at birthday events, bar mitzvahs, and other events.

at the nights that she works, she earns good cash; she’ll every now and then convey home as an awful lot as $500 or $600 in a single nighttime. however then she’ll pass for a week or two without any greater paying gigs.

college student charges
Lexi desires to pay for:

hire on her rental – $575, includes water and trash service
energy bill – Varies
automobile price – $a hundred and eighty in step with month
Groceries – Varies
fuel – Varies
automobile insurance – $450 each 6 months
earnings taxes – when you consider that she’s self-hired
Discretionary profits (going out with buddies) – Varies
apparel – Varies
Toiletries (e.g. trips to target, Walmart) – Varies
wireless net – $forty consistent with month
cell telephone Plan – $80 according to month
what’s the nice manner for Her to budget?
the first step: First, she need to upload up all of her “constant” bills. For quarterly or semiannual bills consisting of automobile coverage, which arrive each six months, she have to divide the overall in order that she knows what her month-to-month obligations are. (Her car coverage, for instance, is $450 each six months, which equals $75 in keeping with month.)

Her “fixed” payments upload as much as $950 consistent with month, plus one-fourth of her overall income, which she desires to set apart for paying self-employment taxes.

Step two: subsequent, we want to divide her “variable” payments into categories: necessities and discretionary.

Her variable payments consist of power, groceries, gas, taxes, toiletries, garb, and going out with her pals.

The necessities on that listing encompass power, groceries, fuel, taxes, and a few (however no longer all) toiletries. (Shampoo and toothpaste, as an instance, are requirements, but hair gel and enamel-whitening strips are discretionary.)

The discretionary gadgets on that list encompass some toiletries, apparel, and going out with buddies.

Step three: Estimate the fee of her variable requirements. she can do this by looking on the beyond few months of receipts (and/or credit card statements) to look how a whole lot she spent at the blended items on that listing.

She is familiar with Her scenario. Now What?
during the month, as Lexi earns money, she ought to first set aside 25 percent of every paycheck for taxes.

the other seventy five percentage she have to set aside for her “constant” payments ($950 in keeping with month) and her “variable requirements” (which includes her expected grocery, fuel and energy payments).

Any money she earns after paying all of those payments can pass towards “discretionary necessities” which includes going out with pals, buying garments and taking a spring break trip.

How Much Can You Withdraw From Your Retirement Portfolio?

How much cash do you have to have saved for retirement, by a selected age, so as to get on the correct track? Fidelity Investments has discharged age-related retirement saving tips with these results: you must have your annual remuneration saved by age thirty five, 3 times your remuneration saved by age forty five, and 5 times your remuneration saved by age fifty five. By the time you switch sixty five, you must have eight times your annual remuneration stored up.

This results in the plain question: however does one outline annual remuneration? Your remuneration at age twenty two is totally different than your salary at age thirty five. Denote remuneration supported the number you are obtaining paid at every explicit age. In different words, if at age thirty five you earn $40,000 a year, you must have $40,000 saved. If by age forty five you earn $50,000 a year, you must have 3 times that quantity, or $150,000, saved.

You Don’t savvy a lot of cash you may build
Of course, you do not savvy a lot of you may earn a decade or 2 within the future. However, for coming up with functions, you’ll be able to project whether or not not you are on the correct track. There area unit 2 ways in {which} to handle this: either take your current remuneration and add four p.c for every year – which is inflation and one p.c – or decide the amount that you simply would love to be earning by the time you switch a selected age. as an example, if an individual’s goal is to earn $90,000 annually by the time they are thirty five, they will got to begin saving at a rate akin to that projection.

That looks like a colossal Savings Rate
These numbers could cause you to desire you are being asked to save lots of ever-increasing sums. within the example cited higher than, an individual would ought to save $40,000 throughout the primary ten operating years of her life (age 25-35), followed by $90,000 throughout the second operating decade of her life (age 35-45).

In different words, she would ought to double her savings rate throughout her second operating decade (age 35-45), a amount of your time once she’s most likely conjointly raising youngsters, paying the mortgage, and maybe taking care of her oldsters. however is that this possible? Through the ability of investment. throughout the primary operating decade of your life, your contributions can principally return from your earned financial gain. After that, you may begin earning substantial dividends, interest and capital gains.

These can play a significant role in conducive to the accelerated rate of your pension account throughout the ultimate few decades of your operating life. In different words, your cash can build cash. you do not essentially got to save the complete quantity from your paycheck; the number you invest can grow on its own as you continue

How to Become a Millionaire Earning $30,000 a Year

Your budget need to consist of putting aside a few money for retirement.

however how lots?

To determine out how plenty cash you need to set apart every month for retirement, you first need to calculate how huge of a nest egg — in overall — you ought to construct.

In other phrases: How a good deal money will you want to retire? you’ll want to reply that query earlier than you may opposite-engineer the amount you ought to set aside to your finances.

here’s a manner that you can calculate how big of a nest egg you’re going to need:

Step 1:
determine what portion of your contemporary income you need to update in the course of retirement.

maximum specialists endorse replacing between 70% to eighty five% of your pre-retirement profits. Multiply your annual earnings with the aid of 70% to eighty five% to come up with your target retirement profits in nowadays’s bucks. if your modern-day profits is $100,000 and you make a decision that you need to replace 80% of it in retirement, your target retirement income (in these days’s bucks) is $eighty,000 in keeping with 12 months. (do not worry about adjusting for inflation for the duration of this step.)

in case you and your spouse both earn cash outside of the house, make sure that you entire this workout with your combined joint income.

if you earn $50,000 yearly and your spouse earns $75,000 yearly, upload your profits collectively ($125,000 yearly combined) and then multiply with the aid of 70 percent to 85 percent.

Step 2:
regulate the discern from Step 1 to account for 4% inflation. here’s how:

in case you are ten years faraway from retirement, multiply your goal retirement earnings by an inflation element of 1.forty eight. if you are 15 years faraway from retirement, use an inflation element of 1.eight. if you are 20 years faraway from retirement, multiply by using 2.19, and if you’re 25 years faraway from retirement, multiply by 2.67.

(observe: those calculations are credited to the book 12 Steps to a worry-free Retirement, published by Kiplinger’s private Finance.)

as an instance, in Step 1 you made a decision that you want to live on an profits of $80,000 in keeping with year (in present day greenbacks) at some point of retirement.

permit’s count on that you’re additionally 25 years faraway from retirement.

on this 2d step, you take that determine — $80,000 in step with year in nowadays’s bucks — and you multiply it by means of 2.67. Your answer ($80,000 x 2.sixty seven = $213,six hundred) represents your target retirement earnings in destiny greenbacks, after adjusting for inflation.

In different phrases: To maintain the way of life that an annual income of $eighty,000 presents nowadays, you may need $213,600 consistent with 12 months in 25 years from now.

Step 3:
log on to the authorities’s Social security internet site to discover what your projected Social protection gain will be.

Step four:
touch your human assets branch to find out how a great deal of a pension, if any, you’re eligible to receive. two-thirds of americans are now not eligible to accumulate pensions, however I’m including this step for the advantage of the only-1/3 of americans who are.

Step 5:
the usage of the same inflation elements that I outlined in Step 2, adjust those amounts for inflation. as an example, in case you are eligible to acquire $20,000 consistent with yr from Social security in today’s dollars and you are 25 years faraway from retirement, multiply $20,000 via the inflation thing of 2.67.

the solution, $53,400, is the quantity of cash that you’ll collect from Social protection in destiny greenbacks, after adjusting for inflation.

Retirement Savings by the Decade 2018-2020

How a whole lot cash must you’ve got saved for retirement, by using a particular age, in an effort to be at the right music? fidelity Investments has released age-related retirement saving suggestions with these outcomes: you should have your annual earnings saved via age 35, three instances your revenue stored by using age forty five, and 5 instances your profits saved via age fifty five. by the point you turn 65, you have to have 8 instances your annual profits saved up.

This leads to the apparent query: how do you outline annual salary? Your revenue at age 22 is specific than your revenue at age 35. Denote earnings based totally on the amount you are getting paid at each particular age. In other words, if at age 35 you earn $40,000 a year, you should have $forty,000 stored. If via age forty five you earn $50,000 a 12 months, you must have three times that amount, or $one hundred fifty,000, stored.

You do not know How tons money you’ll Make
Of direction, you don’t know how an awful lot you may earn a decade or within the future. however, for planning purposes, you may undertaking whether or not not you’re at the proper music. There are two methods to deal with this: both take your current income and add 4 percent for each year – which is inflation plus 1 percentage – or pick the range that you would really like to be incomes by the time you turn a particular age. for instance, if a person’s aim is to earn $90,000 in step with 12 months by the point they may be 35, they’ll need to start saving at a charge equivalent to that projection.

That looks like a large financial savings fee
these numbers can also make you experience like you are being requested to shop ever-increasing sums. In the instance mentioned above, a person might should save $40,000 at some point of the first 10 operating years of her life (age 25-35), followed by way of $90,000 throughout the second one working decade of her existence (age 35-forty five).

In other words, she might have to double her financial savings charge at some stage in her 2nd working decade (age 35-45), a period of time whilst she’s probably also elevating youngsters, paying the loan, and possibly taking care of her dad and mom. How is that this viable? via the electricity of investing. during the first operating decade of your existence, your contributions will typically come out of your earned income. After that, you may start earning well-sized dividends, hobby and capital gains.

those will play a prime position in contributing to the extended growth rate of your retirement account for the duration of the very last few a long time of your operating lifestyles. In other phrases, your money will make money. You do not always want to shop the whole amount from your paycheck; the amount you invest will grow on its very own as you preserve

How to Save for a Down Payment on a House 2019

A conventional loan commonly requires the customer to have a down fee of at least 5 percent of the acquisition fee, with FHA loans requiring at the very least 3.5 percentage. however, in case you positioned down less than 20 percentage of the full buy price on either mortgage, you’re required to additionally buy loan coverage, called PMI on conventional loans and MIP on FHA loans, which generally adds among .five and 1 percentage of the loan quantity onto your house fee annually till your loan is 80 percent or less of the price of your home.

To get the bottom viable interest charge and avoid private mortgage coverage, it’s far fine to have a down payment of 20 percent — a variety of Benjamins whilst you don’t forget the charge of homes. but how can you get started out on saving tens of hundreds of greenbacks for this purchase? right here’s your mortgage down price how to.

How lots should You keep for a Down charge?
preferably, you have to attempt to save up a 20 percent down price to keep away from the additional fee of mortgage insurance and have fairness in your new residence right from the get-go, however that may be a daunting challenge. as an example, with a domestic priced at $two hundred,000, you’re looking at developing with $forty,000 just for the down price, which would not encompass closing fees or different expenses related to securing a mortgage and buying a residence. the good news is this down fee would not move anywhere; it is sitting in your property and whilst you promote, you get it returned as a part of your fairness.

even though 20 percentage of the acquisition charge ought to be your intention, you don’t should allow the 20 percent rule keep you from proudly owning a home. sometimes putting down a smaller down payment may be the smarter alternative. each scenario should be weighed on its very own advantage; make a decision primarily based on both brief-term and lengthy-term problems.

in case you are secure with a down fee lower than 20 percent, test with the Federal Housing management or Veteran’s management as well as kingdom housing government for programs that may provide first-time and low- to mild-earnings families a decrease down payment requirement than conventional loans. The U.S. department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing service additionally offers a program meant to encourage low- to moderate-income buyers to buy in rural regions.

How to Finance Your Child’s College Education

if you’re the discern of a newborn or younger toddler, you’ve got in all likelihood heard the depressing estimates of the cost of a college education when your baby is ready to go into college about eighteen years from now. The price of 4 years of a public university is predicted to cost in excess of $one hundred,000 and for a personal faculty over $200,000.

So what is the average discern to do? The same way you should begin saving in your retirement in your 20s, you need to begin saving for your child’s training quicker in preference to later if financing their higher training is one among your financial desires. here are 5 simple steps to getting started out on financing your infant’s university education.

1. begin Now!
the earlier you begin investing on your infant’s training, the better. As with any other funding intention, time and compounding interest is your fine friend and maximum treasured asset. the sooner you start often saving, the less you’ll need to store within the long-run.

check your price range to decide how tons you can commit to college savings. even if it’s just $50 in line with month, this is a start and as your income grows or fees decrease, you could increase your savings price. And if you can not have enough money to shop some thing just but, attain out to the grandparents to peer in the event that they might be interested in giving your infant’s college training fund a jump start.

2. Have a Plan
step one in creating a college savings plan is to estimate what the whole fee of your infant’s schooling is likely to be. The common in-state tuition and price general for a four-yr public school came to simply under $10,000 for the 2017-18 educational 12 months. At five percent inflation in line with year, the anticipated value per 12 months 18 years from now might be round $24,000 (10 years from now the cost would be about $16,000). personal faculties may be two to a few times greater pricey.

don’t permit these numbers scare you into inactivity. some of your infant’s schooling can be paid for via scholarships, monetary aid, grants and personal scholar loans. Even if you’re brief of your goal now, it’s possible to save the relaxation in case you begin early, make contributions often, and invest accurately. Of route, you don’t have to plan for 100% of your baby’s lessons if that is not your goal. To get began on a plan, you could test out unfastened on line tools like SavingforCollege.com’s college financial savings calculator.

three. shop frequently and often

The Iron Condor Trader’s Mindset How the Iron Condor Trader Earns Money 2018

every alternative approach comes with the possibility of incomes a profit. there may be additionally the opportunity of dropping money — and that represents the threat of trading. each time you initiate a exchange, you need to have some expectation of the likelihood of incurring a loss when in search of the capability praise.

maximum buyers have a market bias — they initiate a alternate when expecting that the overall stock market (or as a minimum the price of the person inventory being traded) will circulate higher or decrease. Such buyers adopt a bullish or bearish method.

other buyers have no particular bias. They study the market in one among two methods:

They have no opinion on market route and by default, undertake marketplace-impartial strategies.
They expect a non-unstable, non-directional marketplace and go with to adopt market-impartial techniques.
The iron condor is one such method.

Bullish strategy: Earns a earnings for the dealer whilst the market actions higher.
Bearish approach: Earns a profit when the market declines.
market-impartial approach: Earns a income when the market trades in a extraordinarily slender range and all rallies and declines are small.
there may be a further crucial consideration for buyers:

Bullish and bearish traders earn cash from marketplace motion; i.e., they successfully expect whether the marketplace rises or falls.
marketplace-neutral buyers earn cash from the passage of time — but simplest whilst rallies and declines are small enough that they do no longer generate a loss this is larger then the effective time decay. preferably, the dealer waits for Theta to work its magic.
How Does a dealer Make money from the Passage of Time?
alternatives are wasting property, and (all else being equal) lose fee each day. Theta measures the decay price.
buyers who purchase options need to have their marketplace evaluations come genuine — quicker rather than later — in any other case the options offered will lose too much of their fee whilst the trader holds onto the location and waits for his/her prediction to come back real.

choice sellers don’t have that problem. They make money every day — unless the underlying asset (inventory, ETF, index) movements too far within the incorrect route. [Call sellers do not want the stock price to rally and put sellers do not want the stock price to fall.]

Iron Condors: risk and praise
let’s see an ordinary iron condor.

buy 1 INDX Jan 16 ’15 1240 name
sell 1 INDX Jan 16 ’15 1230 name (those alternatives form the call spread; top rate $0.95)

buy 1 NDX Jan sixteen ’15 1110 placed
sell 1 INDX Jan sixteen ’15 1120 positioned (these two options shape the put spread; top class $1.05)

let’s expect that the top class accumulated is $2.00 according to percentage or $two hundred for one iron condor.

Retirement Planning Time to Get Serious About Your Retirement Planning

Retirement appears manner available on horizon while you’re to your Nineteen Forties, however that horizon starts inching have to nearer whilst you attain your Fifties. Many people get extreme approximately making plans for his or her retirement now. it’s time to take a thorough have a look at your destiny and make a few decisions. Lay out a roadmap in your retirement years with those six steps.

Run Projections using Retirement Calculators
if you haven’t completed any sort of retirement projections but, begin gambling round with on-line retirement calculators. They let you determine out how lots earnings you may have in retirement given your contemporary quantity of financial savings and your investments.

however here’s a phrase of warning: despite the fact that free on-line calculators can give you a vast evaluation of the applicable components of your retirement plan, they’re based totally on assumptions. you already know the antique saying—rubbish in, garbage out. maximum on-line retirement calculators do now not as it should be element in taxes. this may make a big difference inside the effects. you would possibly need to enlist the assist of a competent retirement planner to help you in nailing down a extra specified projection.

Get a manage on Spending
no one likes to listen it, but the quickest way to keep extra is to spend much less. Trimming your way of life to one which costs a touch much less will permit you to shop greater now, and it’ll fee you much less to maintain your standard of residing in retirement. you could get a good handle in your spending behavior by finishing a retirement finances worksheet.

And don’t neglect medical health insurance prices when you’re budgeting. Take a near observe your predicted healthcare costs in retirement before you are making any permanent plans, especially in case you plan on retiring earlier than you attain Medicare age. They may be plenty more high priced than you would possibly anticipate.

Learn How to Calculate Present Value for Retirement 2020

The term “gift price” performs an important part for your retirement making plans. installed easy terms, the existing price represents an sum of money you need to have to your account these days, to meet a destiny fee, or a chain of destiny coins outflows, given a exact fee of return.

Calculating gift fee
if you want $2 hundred,000 in your account ten years from now, the prevailing price, or the amount you need to begin with today, adjustments based on numerous assumed quotes of go back:

in case you earn a 3 percent go back, you’ll need $148,818 to start
at four percentage, you’ll need $135,112
in case you get a five percentage return, you handiest want first of all $122,782
you can do those calculations on an HP12C calculator app, or another financial calculator app that you could down load for your cellular phone or tablet. you can additionally find financial calculators on-line.

Use these entries to do the calculations: n (variety of durations) = 10, i (hobby) = price of go back, PMT (periodic fee) = zero, FV (required destiny fee) = $2 hundred,000. Then hit PV (present fee) to remedy for present fee. Your present cost result could be back as a terrible variety due to the fact this shows the unique funding you would pay into your account.

This simple present price calculation suggests you that the better the price of go back, the lower the quantity needed today to fund your destiny expenses. This turns into a undertaking in retirement making plans.

To reap a higher rate of return, you have to generally pick a riskier portfolio, which means you have the threat of a better return, without a guarantee. This seems like a dangerous way to handle your retirement savings.

in case you want a future value that has greater truth, you must accept a decrease rate of go back, this means that you may need more financial savings to provide enough money for the equal standard of dwelling.

Retirement and the Unknown Time Horizon
think you realize that to stay with no trouble in retirement, you’ll want $20,000 a 12 months further in your Social protection earnings. How a lot do you need to store to provide the $20,000 a 12 months? a gift fee calculation gives you the answer.

To do this calculation, you currently have unknown variables; the fee of return and your durability. The table at the lowest of this text shows the respective present values taking each variables under consideration. inside the desk you spot the range of results:

if you stay two decades and can earn a five percent price of return, you’ll want $261,706 to offer you with $20,000 a year.
in case you stay 30 years and earn a 3 percent charge of go back you want $403,769.
if your circle of relatives and private fitness history indicate you will be long-lived, you may either need to store greater or paintings longer than a person with a shorter life expectancy.

How Much Money To Retire? Figure Guaranteed Income Sources First

one of the steps you may want to take to determine how a great deal money you’ll want to retire is to determine out how plenty retirement income you will have from guaranteed assets.

assured income
assured retirement income includes things like Social protection retirement advantages, pension income, and annuity earnings. some human beings include condo profits from investment property on this category, even though it is truely now not assured.

in case you bear in mind it to be a solid supply of income then you can encompass it right here; but, you should have a way to account for the instances where it can not be rented.

it may be easiest to put out your assured resources of earnings in a timeline layout with a column for every calendar year, at the side of your corresponding age that year in the heading. The timeline format works as a few earnings assets may additionally begin at one-of-a-kind times, including one pension at 60, a Social security spousal gain starting at 66, and your very own Social protection beginning at age 70.

for example, expect you study your Social protection assertion, and it tells you if you work until age 65, then at 66 you will acquire $1,760 in step with month.

Calculation: $1,760 x 12 = $21,a hundred and twenty in line with year.

also, expect you’ve got a bit of belongings which you hire out. After paying all fees, you get hold of approximately $600 in line with month. occasionally your property sits empty in between renters, so to develop a conservative estimate, you expect your home is rented most effective ten months out of each yr.

Calculation: $six hundred x 10 = $6,000 consistent with year.

the use of a very simple calculation you presently realize that your assured sources of earnings will provide you $27,one hundred twenty in line with year.

Now allow’s upload in a spousal Social safety advantage and a pension.

Timeline instance
using a timeline layout you may lay matters out as you spot within the desk underneath (proven in month-to-month amounts, with an annual overall additionally).

For this timeline instance, i assumed a partner who become a 12 months older and had commenced claiming a spousal gain (which would be 50% of the total retirement age gain of $1,760 used above). For simplicity functions, I not noted the annual increase in Social protection benefits that might come from inflation and assumed the pension had no inflation increase.

assured profits Timeline
Age 65 Age sixty six Age 67 Age 68 Age sixty nine
Pension $543 $543 $543 $543 $543
Spousal SS $880 $880 $880 $880 $880
Age sixty six SS $1,760 $1,760 $1,760 $1,760
apartment earnings $six hundred $six hundred $600 $600 $600
general (month-to-month) $2,023 $3,783 $three,783 $three,783 $3,783
general (annual) $24,276 $45,396 $forty five,396 $45,396 $45,396
Now, you take this income projection and evaluate it in your estimate of retirement expenses to begin to increase an accurate estimate of ways much cash you will need to retire.

you could also use this format to create change profits timelines. as an instance, what in case you not on time the start of a pension? it may be less profits now, however extensively greater later. you may run this timeline out through lifestyles expectancy and overall the income over your lifestyles to look how specific options may work out.

once you’ve got anticipated your retirement prices and warranted income resources, you move to the following step within the planning system, that’s to calculate the distance between the 2 objects.

Smart Ways to Save Money in the Empty Nest

once your kids are now not dwelling at home, empty nesters can discover many methods to store cash. The myriad more fees that raising kids brings, from apparel and feeding them to private tutors, extracurricular sports, university tuition and more are long past, and it is time to start considering yourselves and what you want to do now and in retirement and past.

01 Downsize your own home
The most big cost for any circle of relatives is extra frequently than now not the mortgage or hire charge. if you have concept approximately downsizing at retirement, there may be no reason not to remember it now, in case you are nonetheless hired. For individuals who qualify, there is a one-time benefit exclusion of $250,000 after the age of fifty five, which could make downsizing even extra attractive. if you very own your private home, most of the extra charges – pool protection, excessive heating and a/c payments, gardening and family cleansing services and general maintenance – may be decreased or eliminated completely.

02 family utility bills
without even attempting, it’s likely that you may observe a pleasing discount in your family application payments. With fewer humans living inside the residence and using the toilets, appliances, TVs, washers and dryers and such a lot of other things, utility bills will move down.

03 Cable
Take a near observe your cable bill now that you are empty nesters. if you don’t need the top class channels, cancel get entry to to them and store a pleasant sum of money each month. in case you don’t watch a whole lot tv at all, install Apple tv, Hulu or Netflix and cancel cable get entry to all together. With handiest the net provider to pay for and less TVs inside the residence, you may save upwards of $2 hundred-$three hundred a month, relying on what you have been paying up until now.

04 Groceries
glaringly your grocery payments will cross down with fewer human beings within the home. but beyond that, you no longer have to buy food you don’t consume or want in your own home together with your youngsters long past. The chips, cookies, ice cream and other treats being that were simply to be had are no longer wished, for the maximum part. that is a splendid time to revamp your weight-reduction plan and focus on what you need to eatand not what your kids want.

10 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid While You’re Traveling

visiting with a credit score card, in many methods, is more secure than traveling with cash. With zero fraud liability, your losses are minimized in case your credit score card is lost or stolen. however even though the use of a credit score card whilst journeying can be a safer bet, there are nevertheless some important errors to watch out for.

missing your payment due date. you may be on vacation, however you’re now not on excursion from all of your normal duties, like your credit score card price. check all your payment due dates earlier than you start your ride. schedule your payments for any due date that falls on a day you’re going to be out of metropolis. lacking a price will incur a late fee and probable cause the penalty price.

the usage of a card that expenses a foreign transaction fee. Many credit score cards price a price on transactions made in a overseas foreign money, driving up the value of travelling with a credit score card. in case you’re going international, use a credit score card that doesn’t fee a foreign transaction rate, like one from Capital One or discover.

Throwing away credit card receipts. preserve all your credit card receipts till properly after the transactions have cleared your credit card statement and you’ve got proven that they may be accurate. That manner you have proof if any transaction is incorrect.

no longer warning your credit score card agency before touring. maximum credit card issuers inspire cardholders to let them realize earlier than traveling, especially across the world. That manner, they received’t flag your credit card purchases as fraudulent, that can cause all your transactions being declined. supply the dates of your ride, so your card provider can flag any global purchases that occur when you’ve arrived home.

no longer the usage of a rewards credit score card for travel purchases. Many credit playing cards praise you with extra factors or miles for travel purchases. plane tickets and inn stays are big price ticket items that can help you maximize the points you earn. when you have a rewards card, use it to your ride to earn more.

setting the complete holiday on your credit score card and not using a plan to pay it off. at the same time as you may maximize the rewards you earn via charging your ride, it’s a awful idea to fee your ride with out the funds to pay it off.

not reviewing your submit-tour credit card billing declaration. when you get lower back out of your trip, test your credit card declaration for any fraudulent purchases or purchases that exceed the quantity to your receipt. in case you see something suspicious, permit your credit score card company recognize.

now not bringing a backup supply of price range. Don’t expect that your credit card could be regular anywhere you move. In a few worldwide locations, handiest chip and pin credit score playing cards are customary. Your specific credit card won’t be regular at all. Or, there can be sure providers that handiest accept cash or local foreign money. in case your credit score card is lost or stolen, you need to have get right of entry to to a backup supply of investment so you can still enjoy your vacation.

not protecting in opposition to theft. if you depart your credit card in your hotel, put it in a locked secure and never leave your credit score card in your vehicle, even locked. Many tourists were a money belt which lets in credit score playing cards to be stored close to the frame. before traveling, studies the areas which are regarded for theft and be greater careful in those locations.

now not having access to credit card customer support numbers. in case your credit score card is lost or stolen, you’ll need to contact your credit card provider as soon as feasible to reduce your legal responsibility for fraud. reproduction the customer service variety from the again of your credit score card and save it one after the other from your credit score card. with a view to will let you easily and fast contact your card provider if you want to.

You want to revel in your trip – and the days following – with out handling principal credit card problems. observe these recommendations to avoid foremost credit score card mistakes while you are traveling.

How to Check Your Credit Card Balance 2018 New Methods

knowing your credit score card balance is essential, specifically in case you’re approximately to make a huge buy. you could additionally want to look how tons damage turned into done after your last purchasing journey or verify that your maximum recent payment became posted for your account. thankfully, you don’t ought to wait until your next credit card statement arrives to discover your cutting-edge credit card stability. you can easily test your stability via smartphone, internet, or smartphone app.

test Your credit Card balance Over the cellphone
name the variety at the back of your credit score card to attain your card issuer’s customer support line. enter your card quantity the use of your smartphone’s keypad and another identifying numbers (just like the last 4 of your social protection range or your billing zip code) and follow the prompts to listen your credit card stability. Many customer service lines can provide you with the balance robotically without requiring you to talk to a consultant. Any questions you have about your account or latest transactions will ought to visit a live character.

Over the internet
when you have set up an internet account to your credit score card, your process is straightforward. simply open up a web browser, type within the URL on your card provider’s website, and go browsing in your account to test your balance. If you have not already installation a web account, you can create a brand new account after you’re on the card provider’s internet site. check the back of your credit score card or a recent billing statement to get the precise internet deal with in your credit score card issuer. if you need some assistance, your card issuer’s customer service department let you get your on line account set up.

whilst you’re growing the account for the primary time, be sure you pick a username you could don’t forget and a password that’s comfortable and may’t be effortlessly guessed by anybody who is aware of you. once you’ve logged on, not most effective are you able to see your cutting-edge balance, however you could additionally view latest transactions and different account information.

thru telephone App
if you have a smartphone, you have got the capacity to do maximum of your banking and credit card monitoring right to your cellphone. most predominant credit card issuers have phone and pill apps that you could down load to without problems take a look at your credit score card balance and other credit score card details.

visit the Apple App keep or Google Play keep to down load your card issuer’s app. while you download and open the app, you’ll log in the usage of the identical username and password which you’d use at the internet site. Your telephone or tablet needs to be connected to the net in order if you want to get admission to your credit score card records via the phone app.

in no way test your credit card balance over public wifi. this is important whether you’re visiting the internet site from a pc or checking through a telephone app, or even your phone’s web browser. Public wifi networks are unsecured and can be used by fraudsters to look what facts you’re the use of to get admission to your credit score card account.

How to Remove an Authorized User From Your Credit Card 2019

a licensed consumer is someone who has permission to apply your credit card account, however no longer responsibility for making the bills at the account. you could have brought a toddler as a certified user in your account to permit them to jumpstart their credit or to present them a way to make credit score card purchases. but, there comes a time when authorized users have to, or maybe pick to, be eliminated from the account, specially if their credit score card use is hurting your credit score score or vice versa.

manner to take away a licensed consumer
getting rid of a certified user from a credit card is pretty smooth. you could name the credit card provider using the number on the lower back of your credit card and request the authorized person be eliminated from the credit card. when you have multiple authorized customers and also you’re only removing one, make certain you specify which consumer you’d like to cast off from the account.

Following up your request with a letter can offer you with evidence which you made the request. as an instance, you could write “per our smartphone conversation on eight/17/2015, I would like to eliminate Jane Doe’s authorized user reputation from my account ending in 1234 powerful 08/17/2015.” simply ensure you ship your letter to the credit score card company’s cope with for correspondence, which you may discover on your credit card announcement. send the letter through licensed mail if you’d like confirmation that the credit score card company obtained the letter.

allow the legal person recognize you’re disposing of them from the account, so they understand no longer to try to use their card. otherwise, they may be unpleasantly surprised whilst trying to swipe their card to make a purchase.

eliminating yourself as a certified person
in case you want to dispose of yourself as a certified consumer, you’ll be able to get your self eliminated by means of following the same technique – making a call to the credit score card’s customer support. however, you can must get the primary account holder to make the decision. If this isn’t feasible and the credit card employer gained’t remove you without the number one account holder’s permission, you may use the credit document dispute method to have the account removed from your credit record.

price responsibility
remember the fact that the legal consumer doesn’t have any criminal duty for the expenses they made to the account. You’re entirely answerable for repaying lower back any purchases made by the legal consumer whilst they were indexed for your account. Your credit score card agreement overrides any verbal agreements you had with the authorized person to pay their proportion of the credit score card bill.

What about a Joint Cardholder?
This isn’t always the method for casting off a joint cardholder from a credit score card account. Joint cardholders practice for the credit score card together and each parties’ are similarly accountable for the credit card balance, within the credit score card company’s eyes at the least.

If joint cardholders no longer want to percentage a credit score card, then repay the balance or switch it to a credit score card held by simply one of the accountholders, then close the account.

Usually Pay Your stability in full

usually, Pay Your stability in full
it is one of the most crucial policies to comply with whilst you’re using any rewards credit score card, mainly a travel rewards credit score card. Paying your stability in full every month will help you hold extremely good credit score on the way to allow you to qualify for better credit score card gives. Having a very good credit score is vital, but that’s now not the most effective motive to pay your stability in full each month.

you have to pay finance charges every time you deliver a stability to your credit card beyond the grace period. Finance costs negate the rewards you acquire for your credit score card. To sincerely use your credit card without cost, you need to repay all your costs every month so that you avoid hobby. no matter how minimum you believe you studied your finance expenses can be, in no way provide your self-permission to pay them.

keep away from transactions like stability transfers and cash advances.
speaking of averting greater fees on your credit score card, balance transfers, and cash advances nearly constantly method paying a fee. Even in case your credit card has a 0% promotional charge on stability transfers, the stability switch rate might be hundreds of greenbacks depending on the amount of the stability you switch.

charges aren’t the most effective cause you must avoid stability transfers and coins advances. those transactions don’t earn you any rewards. And, they take up room to your credit score card, leaving you with much less to be had credit for purchases with a purpose to assist you to earn travel rewards.

Earn the signal-up Bonus
plenty of tour rewards credit cards provide very lucrative signup bonuses. a number of the bonuses are so massive that you earn a unfastened flight right away. To earn a signup bonus, you typically ought to spend a positive amount to your card within the first 90 days of establishing your account. The clock starts ticking the date you open your account, not the date you receive the credit score card. So, in truth, you can have approximately 80 to eighty five days to earn the spending bonus relying on how long it takes you to acquire your new credit score card in the mail.

a few credit score playing cards even allow you to earn an additional bonus in case you add a licensed user in your account. The legal consumer doesn’t must make any purchases to earn the bonus. however, having a certified person can’t handiest assist you earn the spending bonus, but it can also assist you earn rewards. simply ensure you can find the money for to pay off the purchases the legal consumer makes on the credit card.

choose a credit score card with a signup bonus that’s clean to earn. The minimum spending threshold need to be low sufficient that you could manage to pay for to pay off your stability in complete each month. as an instance, a $3,000 spending threshold manner you’ll want to rate and pay off approximately $1,000 every month. If that’s from your finances, search for a tour rewards credit score card with a lower spending bonus.

How to Travel for Free With Credit Card Rewards 2018-2019

credit playing cards include lots of awesome perks. in case you choose the proper credit score card and use it the right way, you can earn rewards that you may use free of charge tour. although you can’t travel for completely unfastened, you can use your travel rewards to tour at an enormous cut price.

Get a first-rate tour Rewards credit Card—or
You commonly want to have fantastic credit to qualify for the first-class travel rewards credit score cards. in case you don’t have brilliant credit proper now, work on improving your credit by way of looking after overdue balances and building up a fine fee record.

There are commonly two styles of journey rewards credit score playing cards: fashionable reason credit cards that pay better rewards on all tour purchases and emblem-unique credit playing cards that pay higher rewards on purchases with a specific airline or hotel. in case you’re dependable to a positive airline or lodge, you can want to select a branded credit score card. on the other hand, if you make lots of journey purchases throughout manufacturers, the normal card will be higher for you.

You shouldn’t keep on with simply one credit score card. Having a couple of travel rewards credit card for your pockets gives you the possibility to earn more rewards. you can, as an instance, have one credit score card that pays higher rewards on gasoline purchases and some other credit card that will pay higher rewards on travel purchases.

you furthermore may don’t ought to stick with a travel rewards credit card. A cash again credit card can also be used that will help you pay for tour. but, there are a few matters to look at out for. First, make sure there are not any caps on the amount of cash you may earn on the cardboard. 2d, select a card that pays more cash returned inside the regions which you spend the maximum.

pick out a credit card that doesn’t have a cap on the rewards you earn, and that doesn’t have a quick expiration duration. search for different perks like no overseas transaction prices, complimentary associate tickets, waived checked bags prices, and the ability to earn bonus rewards through booking with tour companions.

You’ll likely have to pay an annual price on the satisfactory journey rewards credit score cards. Many cards waive the annual price inside the first yr, however, beginning in the year; you’ll have to pay the fee. If you may earn sufficient rewards for a loose flight or in, you’ll slightly note that you’ve paid the annual rate. make sure you pay it off right away so that you don’t pay any hobby on the annual price.

12 Ways Your Credit Card Can Save You Money 2018

most recommendation approximately credit score cards warn you about the risks, the risk of having in debt, and the capacity for paying masses of dollars in interest and expenses. while there is some truth to this, the whole fact is that it relies upon on the way to use your credit card. you may make huge mistakes, rack up a variety of debt, and destroy your credit score. you may also use your credit card responsibly, research the rules, construct your credit score, and use your credit card to keep and earn cash. And you can do it without stepping into debt so long as you follow simple rules: fee what you could afford and pay your balance in complete every month.

transferring a balance to a decrease interest fee credit card.
if you’re presently wearing a balance on a credit card with an excessive-interest fee, you may store masses of greenbacks with the aid of shifting that balance to a credit card with a decrease interest price. Taking advantage of a 0% APR stability transfer provide will save you even extra money as you may keep away from paying hobby for as much as 21 months depending on the credit card you pick. as an example, you could keep nearly $400 by means of transferring a $three,000 balance at 17% to a credit score card with a 0% APR for 12 months, if you can pay $251 each month.

using 0% buy APR for big purchases.
in the beyond, 0% introductory charges were presented best with stability transfers. Now, pretty some credit playing cards offer 0% introductory APR on purchases as properly. if you have a huge ticket object to buy – new fixtures, a clinical manner, or vacation – using a credit score card with a 0% APR will let you cut up the acquisition in more than one payments and store money on the hobby.

purchasing the entirety with coins lower back credit score card.
coins again credit cards permit you to acquire cash rewards to your credit card. If you could use your credit score card to pay for quite tons everything, and not just the one’s purchases that earn the maximum rewards, you may max out your coins earnings. as an example, in case you spend around $3,000 every month on payments and other costs, you could earn $360 a year on a card that pays simply 1% in rewards.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

The Best Free Blogging Platforms in 2019

Best-Blogging-Sites Bravdex
Best-Blogging-Sites Bravdex

When it comes to starting your blog you have the following options:

  • Self-hosted platforms (recommended)
  • Free and freemium platforms

Self-hosted platforms

Man Explaining

Self-hosted platforms allow you to run a blog on your own domain. Aside from following your domain registrar and web hosting company’s rules, you’re fully in charge of your blog and its contents.

You have number of choices when it comes to a self-hosted blog system (also called Content Management System or CMS).


What do The New Yorker, Boing Boing, the Chicago Bulls, BBC America, Beyonce, Vogue, The Rolling Stones, and thousands of other people have in common? They all made their official blogs with WordPress.org. Launched in 2003, it doesn’t need any introduction except the long list of sites using it today and the fact that it powers around 25% of blogs on the web. Just don’t confuse this open-source CMS and hosted blogging software WordPress.com.

WordPress.org is something you should be familiar with and at least, try it once. There are good reasons it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to managing your blog or site. It has a learning curve and it will take some time to learn it, but that is the cost of having a professional site or blog. Having said that, there is one thing that you won’t get with some of the blogging platforms, and that is 100% ownership of your content. In the long run, it will probably be the biggest benefit than with free hosted solutions.


  • Open source and free
  • Professional and easily navigable dashboard
  • Versatile and customizable
  • Thousands of themes and plugins
  • Owning your own content
  • Versatile and customizable


  • Taking care of hosting yourself
  • The learning curve for installations


The good news is that WordPress software is open-source and totally free, so there will be no additional costs on that side, even when there are upgrades. Yes, all upgrades are also free, so the only worry you will have is how to install it and for that, you can use our one-click instructions. But you will need to choose a domain name for your blog and use your own web hosting space.

Recommended tool:

Domain names usually cost $12 to $15 per year. But as we mentioned earlier, with Bluehost you will get a Free domain name when you signup with them and if you don’t like the service, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
You also need to spend $4 to $8 per month for the web space (hosting account), depending on the company you choose. Your total yearly cost for a personal blog will be lower than $100.

Recommended web hosting provider when using WordPress as your CMS

Based on our survey, a reliable hosting provider is Bluehost. It is recommended by 99% of the blogging experts and WordPress.org named it as one “of the best and brightest of the hosting world”.

WordPress Bluehost

The best (used by 99.9% of top bloggers) way to set up a blog with step-by-step instructions

As an example, we will show you how to launch a blog with Bluehost and all of the steps are followed up with adequate screenshots that will give you further understanding of what you need to do.

If you decide to go with other web hosting provider the process might be slightly different but most steps should be similar.

Step One

Go to this link and you will go to the “Exclusive Offer” page reserved for our fans. Once you get there click on “Get Started Now”.

Step One

Step Two

If this is your first hosting account ever, you should start with the basic plan, because you will need time to determine your needs and options. The basic plan has everything any beginner needs to set up a new blog. Consider other plans later when your blog takes off and your needs become greater.
step two

Step Three

Your domain name will play a vital role in the future development of your blog and this is why it is important to take your time and figure out a good domain name. Once you’ve done that, enter the name in the “new domain” column and choose your Top-Level Domain.
You will instantly be notified by BlueHost if the name you’ve chosen is available, and if not you will get similar suggestions.

step three

Step Four

Once you’ve finished setting up your domain, you will go to the registration page of BlueHost, where you will have to add personal information and your billing information. It only takes a few minutes to get through this step.

Step Five

Choosing the right hosting options is very important. The one-year package is the cheapest, but if you are looking to make a longer investment and save up money, go for one of the two other options. All of the other boxes can be unchecked if you are not sure about them, and you can add them later on if you need them.

step five

Step Six

After setting up the payment information you will be asked to create your password, through which you will log in to your account.

step six password

Step Seven

When you finish all the steps listed above, your account will be created and you will be able to use your password to log in.

step seven

Step Eight

When logged in, you can set the default theme for your WordPress blog, which will be given to you for free by BlueHost. Remember that you can change the theme if you want by going to the WordPress.org repository.

step eight

Step Nine

Log in to your WordPress dashboard to create your blog.

step nine

Step Ten

Once you’ve logged in, you will be greeted with a welcome message and offered support by BlueHost to help you create your website. If you don’t need any help, simply do it alone.

step ten

Step Eleven

In the left corner you will see the BlueHost button which opens up many tools that can help you customize and adjust your site. When you are ready, simply click on the “launch” button and in just couple of minutes your site will be visible online.

step eleven

After launching you will only have to enter the title and description which will tell people what your website has to offer.

step eleven

Congratulations, you have successfully launched your new blog! If you need more information about setting up your blog, feel free to contact us.

Recommended tutorial: The Beginner’s Guide to Managing WordPress Blog (including Video Tutorials)

Free or freemium platforms

Man Rolling

For many new bloggers, the availability of free blogging platforms such as WordPress.com, Blogger, or Tumblr is tempting. The benefits include being free and quick to start. But having a blog name in this form—yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogspot.com, is the sign of an inexperienced beginner who likely won’t be taken seriously.

By keeping your blog on a free platform, you let the platform own your name. You’ll be subject to their rules and restrictions, they may limit or prohibit ads on your blog, or they may even place their own ads on your blog. If you’re serious about blogging, we recommend to move away from this option.


If you spent some amount of time on the internet in the last decade then you’ve probably heard the name WordPress. Launched in 2005, WordPress.com (which should not be confused with similar WordPress.org) is a popular freemium blog hosting service. There are over 50 million users on this platform, or at least that many people tried to use it. It’s hard to say how many people are actively using this platform, but it’s definitely a popular choice. But is it all hype?

There are very few things that aren’t in favor of this blogging provider. Handling is easy for everyone no matter how educated in blog hosting they are. Unlike its fraternal twin WordPress.org, this is a hosted service, so you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing software. However, when it comes to hosted solutions, you don’t always have a 100% control over your blog. If you want to own your content and perhaps cut down some costs, along with a custom domain, perhaps you should look into WordPress.org or other platforms.


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Hundreds of free theme designs


  • Don’t have 100% control over your blog
  • Limited options to extend website functionality
  • Free plan is quite limiting


WordPress.com is essentially a free blogging provider, but it has some limitations. The free plan gives you a blog that is restricted to yourname.wordpress.com domain with only 3GB of space, and it may show some ads. If you need a blog with a custom domain and you would want to remove those limitations. A premium plan costs $99/year and it will remove ads, give you 13 GB of space, and a custom domain, among other things. A business plan costs $299/year and it will give you unlimited space, e-commerce, and other advanced things. Depending on your needs, a free plan may seem like a good start and playground, but keep in mind all the restrictions.


When it comes to blogging platforms, one of the first providers that will pop into most people’s minds is Blogger. Founded in 1999, it is one of the oldest providers still active. In 2003, it was acquired by Google and that change is still shifting the way users are working with Blogger. Blogger is relatively easy to use. It is completely free and you can somewhat monetize it through ads. Customization options are limited, so in the long run, expansion is not welcomed. It’s been present online for over 15 years, so many bloggers are familiar with it or already have tried it. If you want just a hobby blog, Blogger could be enough for you. If you want your blog to be taken seriously, we would not recommend it. down some costs, along with a custom domain, perhaps you should look into WordPress.org or other platforms.


  • Everything is free
  • Beginner friendly and easy to use
  • Unlimited bandwidth and 100% uptime supported by Google


  • A lot of outdated templates
  • Limited customizability and lack of plugin diversity
  • Rudimentary picture management and lack of spam filtering
  • Domain name with .blogspot.com extension (if not setup with custom domain)


Blogger is a free platform and you will automatically get a “yourname.blogspot.com” name for you blog. If you decide to move away from that, you will have to buy your own domain with one of the domain registrar companies like GoDaddy.com or Google domains. It could be easily done with Settings in the left menu. Click Settings > Basic > Publishing and under your current domain, click set up a 3rd party URL for your blog.


Tumblr, or better to say, “Tumbler,” is a media-rich blogging platform. Founded in 2007 as a social network and a (micro)blogging platform, it was acquired by Yahoo in 2013. It has famous active users like Taylor Swift, Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley. However, when it comes to text-based content, you will have a serious lack of tools. It is a great start if you are a beginner and/or have an artistic side.


  • Adjusted to photo and media content
  • Free and easy to use
  • Social network features to connect with other users


  • Not for usage if your content is mostly text based
  • No spam or comment filtering
  • No easy SEO options and statistics


Free setup comes with yourname.tumblr.com extension. If you want, you can buy and use your own domain. Since Yahoo owns it, your best bet is to buy a domain from Yahoo Domains since there will probably be the least amount of possible complications. They have a guide on how to setup your domain. As an option, you can buy premium themes from $9 to $49, but they are not a necessity. Plugins are free, but unfortunately besides basic things there are not too many plugins.

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